Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Household Acids and Bases

Question: What are the pH’s of household items.

Computer Vinegar Ammonia
Lemon Juice Cola Drain Cleaner
Laundry Detergent Baking Soda Skim Milk
LabQuest Mini 6 test tubes LoggerPro
Test-tube rack pH Sensor Blue litmus paper
Wash bottle Paper towels Distilled water
Stirring rod Red cabbage juice 250 mL beaker

We tested the pH of household items like vinegar and lemon juice. We used litmus paper, red cabbage juice (Pretty Colors), and a pH sensor and compared the results. For the first test, we put 3mL of each substance into a test tube and then brushed it on litmus paper. Next, we measured the each pH using red cabbage juice, then finally the pH sensor.

Results: We found that the pH of the items varied a lot during testing. Drain Cleaner was a 9 point variation.
ItemRed Cabbage JuiceLitmus PaperpH sensor
Lemon Juice4.322.40
Drain Cleaner4.6813.45
Laundry Detergent710.610.23
Baking Soda8.18
Skim Milk6.93

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